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Wasteland 3 Fig Update #8: New Piece of Concept Art, Time Capsule Revealed

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Wasteland 3 Fig Update #8: New Piece of Concept Art, Time Capsule Revealed

Game News - posted by Bubbles on Tue 25 October 2016, 20:30:54

Tags: Brian Fargo; inXile Entertainment; Wasteland 3

With the Wasteland 3 Fig campaign in its final days, inXile's Brian Fargo reflects on past accomplishments and the challenges to come:

Hello Rangers!

Next week this campaign comes to an end. It’s been a great ride and I’ve been thrilled to see you guys knocking down stretch goals and social media missions alike. It’s a really wild time for inXile, with two studios running multiple projects. It is such a huge help to know we have your continued support, and that you believe in the games we want to make. Together, we’ll keep making these RPGs for many years to come!

To celebrate all our accomplishments, I have some things I want to share. First, a new concept shot from the Bischoffs…

That's not all, though. When we make games based on real-world places, we like to visit them to get a feel for them, scope out their landmarks, and generally take them in so we can create a more authentic experience in the game. And Wasteland 3 won't be any exception - we're going to be sending team members out to Colorado in the near future to research the game.

However, while we are out there, we'll also be on a bit of a secret mission. We'll be burying a retro-80s time capsule for someone to find. It will be hidden underground, and filled with all sorts of nostalgic goodies. Where will it be? We're not telling you…at least not quite so directly.

Instead, what we will be doing is putting a mirror version of it directly into Wasteland 3. Find it in the game, and you'll also find a set of directions telling you where the time capsule is buried in real life.

Upon the game's release, the first person to find the time capsule in real life and prove it to us, will win a Wasteland Franchise Pack, including a signed Wasteland 1 Art Print, Signed Wasteland 2 Collector’s Edition and Signed Wasteland 3 Collector’s Edition!

Do you have some ideas on what this time capsule should contain? Post it here in the comments, or on our Facebook or forums. We can't wait to hear all your cool and crazy ideas.

Brian Fargo
Leader in Exile​

Farewell, Fargo. This has been one of the most substantial and exciting crowdfunding campaigns in recent history, and it has been a true pleasure to be along for the ride :salute:

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