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Colony Ship RPG Update #8: The Jackson Riflemen

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Colony Ship RPG Update #8: The Jackson Riflemen

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 26 October 2016, 12:55:51

Tags: Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game; Iron Tower Studio; Vince D. Weller

After taking a couple of months off, presumably to finish up Dungeon Rats, Vault Dweller has a new Colony Ship RPG development update for us. The topic of the update is ostensibly the colony ship's shuttle bay, but it practice it's really about the faction that dwells there, a group of space rednecks who call themselves the Jackson Riflemen. Although it does have some nice concept art of the place:

Like many locations overflowing with toxic masculinity it’s guarded by unfriendly men with guns and low social awareness – a militia outfit known as Jackson Riflemen.

The Riflemen have a ‘complex’ belief system that prevented them from allying with any major faction. They want to be free, so they are in agreement with the Brotherhood on many issues. At the same time, they value tradition, which is what the Protectors are selling. Last but not the least, they loosely follow the word of Jesus Christ - “read the Bible as interpreted by experts”, which makes them open to the sermons of the Church of the Elect.

So the best way to explore this location is via “diplomacy” by securing an alliance with one of the factions which might be trickier than you think as the Riflemen aren’t really a team player eager to take orders from the city slickers. If anything they are a force of chaos waiting for the right opportunity to be unleashed.

The second best way is by taking advantage of the new stealth system and sneaking in (just don’t get caught as the Riflemen are a firm believer in capital punishment). The third best way, meaning the absolute worst way, is to attack this well-defended location head-on, but hey, it wouldn’t be a role-playing game if we didn’t let you do something stupid to learn a valuable lesson or two.

One of the endgame scenarios is an all-out war and the Riflemen are a good ally to have. They make (and trade) high-quality guns and even have a couple of riot freedom droids they managed to fix.
Short, but possibly controversial.

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