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Colony Ship RPG Update #9: Locations Overview

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Colony Ship RPG Update #9: Locations Overview

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 16 November 2016, 14:29:08

Tags: Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game; Iron Tower Studio; Vince D. Weller

With Dungeon Rats out of the way, it looks like Iron Tower have returned to their monthly schedule for Colony Ship RPG updates. This month's update is a brief overview of the game's locations:

Now that DR is out, we return to our regularly scheduled program. So locations...

- 16 locations. Thematically, we can split them into 5 groups: engine (more than one area), "wasteland" (completely destroyed decks, including areas with zero gravity), cargo holds, residential, bridge.

- Most locations will be 'revisitable', i.e. you will have reasons (new objectives) to go back, which will boost reactivity when you get shot in the face.

- Each location is designed to support 3 main paths through the game: brute force, diplomacy, infiltration. Most locations are populated by various small groups and factions, so killing everyone will limit your endgame options, which is fitting.

- Many locations will have multiple levels and the "vertical element". We played with it in DR a bit. For those who didn't play the game, you're looking at the previously visited areas from a higher point you couldn't reach directly.

In the CSG, for example, you would be able to take a safe way through a certain area via the walkways (a toll road) and see the area below (and go down if you see something shiny) or if you're too cheap to pay make your way through the debris below and brave the dangers undoubtedly awaiting the unprepared.

- Most locations are interconnected in logical ways (i.e. not isolated areas), which will create many interesting opportunities for the explorers as well as occasional quest solutions for the gadgeteers.

In the past updates I've briefly introduced the Pit (the Freemen's Camp), the Hydroponics, the Armory, and the Shuttle Bay. The final "cargo hold" location is the Factory - a large industrial complex that was designed to teach the new generation various engineering skills and provide simulated environments to practice them. Today it's an abandoned and thus somewhat dangerous area connecting the Pit with the City. It's been stripped clean from the 'big ticket' items but there's plenty of junk left for the scavengers willing to risk their lives for a few coins.

The full update has two additional concept images of the Pit, which use a style similar to this one. Apparently, Iron Tower have chosen a new art direction for the game, as they're quite different from the Pit concept we saw back in April.

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