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Oxygen 0.0.6 released

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Oxygen 0.0.6 released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 1 April 2003, 00:13:56

Tags: Oxygen

Oxygen has been updated and version 0.0.6 has been released.

[/indent]31/3/03 - version 0.0.6 is out, have fun riding the hornet, and press F3 when you get bored cruising in space ...[/indent]

Now for the changes:

<div align="center">
<font size="-2">The new G45c Hornet ship[/heading]

  • Changes:
  • all the data objects are now in one big DATA container, which is being called instead of all the data externals.
  • created a proper font/pixel load function for the gui.
  • the game now runs 95% FPS independent, which means the framespersecond can be changed to control the smoothness of gameplay.
  • found a cause for a problem where in debugging, the whole game glitched when the ship was accelerating near the opposite direction of the velocity
  • this was the biggest cause for slowdowns on higher FPS.
  • created the energy bar.
  • created the armor/shield bars.
  • fixed a bug caused by projectile collision, and wrote a smaller Home() function for missile in the process.
  • in case the damage is greater than the shields left, it damages the armor as well.
  • create shields for ships, made a way to perfectly fit them to the manta/hornet (using the same sprite), added shieldpoints to ships (which regenerated by a certain amount every full second, and consume energy in the process), and found a correct way to calculate the angle chosen for the shield's frames.
  • created a light fighter, the hornet.
  • the ship's weapon hotspots are now based on x/y and should work accurately.
  • created an animation for the stablizers (dexhaust).
  • allowed ships to slow down to zero using the down-arrow key.
  • added a pointer to a fired projectile linked to the launcher ship, and made sure the projectile can't hurt that ship.
  • the game preloads all sounds to memory, stores them in an appropiate/easy-to-use container, and frees them on progam exit.
  • in case no music is found, music is properly disabled (even if enabled in the cfg) and all music related buffers are freed.
  • frees a music buffer when the program terminates.
  • added music support, and used a library to decode mp3's for music.
  • created an AI class, and a container.
  • created a basic aggressive ai
  • following the player up to a certain distance, and shooting when it is facing the player.
  • a lot of effort was put into an obstacle (asteroids) avoidance procedure, which is still in too early stages to be implemented.

Now that's an impressive list of changes!

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