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Giant troll statues, pets and game keys for Beautiful Desolation + PoE2

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Giant troll statues, pets and game keys for Beautiful Desolation + PoE2

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Thu 9 February 2017, 01:25:16

Tags: Beautiful Desolation; Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire; The Brotherhood

We are privileged to be running two campaigns at the moment. The first, our Beautifully Desolate campaign from the adventure game guys who brought you STASIS.

Our target is to get some kind of a thing, possibly giant troll statue, into the game. Our target is $2,199 but:

Pyke: Heres a deal - no matter how much you raise (even if its not the full amount), if you pledge it to the campaign we will meet the community reward. You're getting your statue!​

So we're there already, yay! However, you can still donate to our campaign and guarantee yourself a game key if you donate at least $19. And because of our wonderful support over the years, Pyke has also said there'll be a few extra game keys in there too. So donate at least $19 to guarantee yourself a game key, but something a bit less might still leave you with a chance of scoring a copy too.

Check the game's details out here, and have a pretty picture because I know you're all secretly graphics whores:


In other news, we're also now running a campaign for Pillows of Eternity 2: Josh Sawyer's Wet Dream Pet Adventure. Obsidian have said it's the same deal as with the Fig campaign. Our target is at least $500 but if we raise more:

$500 Name a Pet
$750 Create an Item
$1,000 Two Pets??
$1,500 Be an NPC
$1,750 Portrait In-Game
$2,000 Super Pet
$5,000 Build a Pirate Party
$10,000 Josh Sawyer private strip tease​ (I will film this and make it digitally available to all our backers!)​

Likewise, donating through our campaign not only gets rpgcodex.net in the credits (maximum butthurt achieved) but $29+ gets you a Digital Key, and $45+ gets you the Premium Digital​ tier. Check out the Fig page for what that entails. As we're donating via PayPal, this campaign will run a little longer than the official Fig campaign too.

Now give us all your monies!

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