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Colony Ship RPG Update #12: The Protectors' Enclave

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Colony Ship RPG Update #12: The Protectors' Enclave

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 14 February 2017, 02:44:04

Tags: Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game; Iron Tower Studio; Vince D. Weller

Another month has gone by and it's time for another Colony Ship RPG development update. This one is a brief introduction to the faction known as the Protectors of the Mission, first described in an update last year, and their imposing enclave in the ship's "government district". I quote:

We’re picking up speed and working on the starting town (the Pit) putting together the very first level. The new engine makes a huge difference and so far everything is going very smoothly, but obviously we’re still in the early stages.

The writing for the starting town is almost done, the quests will require 14 portraits and Mazin is already working on the first two, so we can dedicate the next update to the Pit, introduce some characters and tell you what to expect design wise. Our new concept artist is still working on the locations. Here is his recent work - The Habitat, the Protectors of the Mission’s enclave (the government district):

Each enclave is like a giant deckhouse, a vertical city built on the ship to provide the inhabitants with all necessary accommodations. Maintenance is at the bottom, the local Ship Authority’s offices at the top, living quarters in the middle. That was before the Mutiny so things changed a bit since then.

The new central building is the Protectors' headquarters. Strong geometric shapes, a step pyramid implying ascension built over the main bunker, a blocky building raising all the way to the ceiling, a lovely podium for speeches and proclamations, anti-riot towers, flood lights, and banners.

To remind you:

The Protectors' one truth is the Mission, and the sole way to ensure successful completion of the Mission is to follow the Old Ways. The ways of the fathers, forefathers, and Founding Fathers are together the beam upon which the Ship travels to our ultimate destination. The mutiny, which through their steadfast and timely intervention was thankfully aborted, was the ultimate betrayal of the Old Ways, of everyone who had come before, the nullification of every sacrifice and every life dedicated to the Mission.

Sworn to regain control of the Ship, the Protectors will subjugate anyone who threatens the Mission. Over the last century they have managed to expand their enclave somewhat, but the Brotherhood is deeply entrenched. To overcome them with violence would result in a massive loss of life, an unfortunate consequence which itself would endanger the Mission.

The Protectors are governed by the Mission Control Council, which appoints the Mission Commander to implement their policies and decisions. Failure is regarded as a deviation from the Mission. As such, Commanders are twice as susceptible to death-by-misadventure as the average citizen.

In other words, the Protectors are militaristic, dogmatic, and totalitarian. Order, duty, and obedience above else. Mission above all; 'my honor is loyalty'. Faith that they will win in the end because their Cause is righteous. They see the "world" in black and white: they're right, ergo their enemies are wrong. They didn't betray the Mission, the others did. The Protectors remained loyal, so it's their sacred duty to right the wrong and purge the Ship. There can't be any compromise with the traitors whose continuous existence is an insult.
The update also includes concept art of a couple of other locations. You can view all of the Colony Ship RPG's concept art released thus far in this thread on the Iron Tower forums.

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