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Expeditions: Viking March Newsletter: Final Beta Summary, Shield Abilities

Expeditions: Viking March Newsletter: Final Beta Summary, Shield Abilities

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 31 March 2017, 16:02:40

Tags: Expeditions: Viking; Logic Artists

The final beta for Expeditions: Viking concluded recently. It was only two weeks long, but apparently that was enough time for the Logic Artists to gather plenty of crucial data. In what might be the final monthly newsletter before the game's release next month, they announced the beta's success.

The closed beta was a fantastic success. There were hundreds of thoroughly reported bugs, many of which have already been resolved making this our most productive beta session to date! This was such an incredible help and as a thank you, we will be sending each of you the Expeditions: Viking Steam Deluxe Edition bonus DLCs for free!

That way, when you purchase a copy of Expeditions: Viking on release, you'll be upgraded to the deluxe editions as a thank you from us! Stay tuned to next month's newsletter for your DLC Codes and thanks again.

Now that the beta is closed, remember to get back on Steam and Wishlist Expeditions: Viking, that way Steam will let you know as soon as we're available on the store!
As in the last two newsletters, there's also a description of some of Viking's combat abilities. In this case, abilities that make use of the shield, which has its own skill progression ladder in this game.

Whether swinging a sword or an axe, the Vikings were renowned, not just for their ferocity with edged weapons, but their defensive tactics as well. The cornerstone of that defense was their ability to protect themselves with shields.

To reflect this in the tactical turn-based combat environment of Expeditions: Viking, shields have their own skill progression. Leveling a character's shield skill will increase a character's shield block chance against enemy attacks (when holding a shield) and unlocks three unique abilities a player can use during combat.

Brace - at Rank 1, Brace uses an attack action to quick repair a shield to mint condition. While this does forego an attack for the bracing character this round, A fully repaired shield can go a long way toward keeping your front line fighters alive.

Defend - is an Attack Action that applies the Defending status effect to the user making the shield impervious to all damage until the start of the player's next turn. Highly valuable for characters who are being focused by the enemy forces.

Shield Bash - Pushes the target 1 hex away and applies the Knocked Down status effect. Characters that are knocked down are unable to act or block and have a base Damage Reduction of 0% and recovering from this costs 2 moves. Because not everything one does with a shield is defensive.
Expeditions: Viking was at PAX East earlier this month, but nothing much seems to have come out of that. Nothing left to do now but wait for April 27th.

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