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Logic Artists

Logic Artists

Articles associated with this tag:

19-May-2017 RPG Codex Review: Expeditions: Viking
14-Dec-2016 RPG Codex Preview: Expeditions: Viking
22-Sep-2016 RPG Codex Report: Gamescom 2016 - Expeditions: Viking, Tyranny, Space Hulk: Deathwing, Styx and more
1-Oct-2015 RPG Codex Report: Gamescom 2015 - Expeditions: Viking
28-Aug-2014 RPG Codex Gamescom Report, Part 2: Futuristics and the Popping of Moles
28-Aug-2013 RPG Codex Report: Gamescom, Wasteland 2 Preview And More
6-Jun-2013 RPG Codex Review: Expeditions: Conquistador
25-Feb-2013 RPG Codex Report: Expeditions: Conquistador, Logic Artists and Kickstarter
8-Sep-2012 RPG Codex Preview: Expeditions: Conquistador
24-Aug-2012 Expeditions: Conquistador Interview
13-Apr-2022 Expeditions: Rome gets Death or Glory gladiator DLC
20-Jan-2022 Expeditions: Rome Released
20-Jan-2022 Expeditions: Rome Released
18-Jan-2022 Expeditions: Rome Siege Trailer and Reviews
17-Jan-2022 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #16 - Sieges
10-Jan-2022 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #15 - Companions
4-Jan-2022 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #14 - Combat AI
21-Dec-2021 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #13 - Building a Great Combat Encounter
17-Dec-2021 Expeditions: Rome demo now available
14-Dec-2021 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #12 - Twitch Extension
8-Dec-2021 Expeditions: Rome releasing on January 20th, now available for preorder
1-Dec-2021 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #11 - Voice-Overs
16-Nov-2021 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #10 - Music and Audio
1-Nov-2021 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #9 - Playstyle Variety
18-Oct-2021 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #8 - Crafting
18-Sep-2021 THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Showcase: Expeditions: Rome & ELEX II
13-Sep-2021 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #7 - Metagame: Character Systems
23-Aug-2021 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #6 - Side Quests
3-Aug-2021 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #5 - Metagame: Legion Battles
5-Jul-2021 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #4 - Visual Style
22-Jun-2021 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #3 - Story
1-Jun-2021 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #2 - Core Combat
10-May-2021 Expeditions: Rome Dev Diary #1 - Game & Vision
28-Apr-2021 Expeditions: Rome is officially a thing
15-Oct-2019 Divinity: Fallen Heroes development on hold, Logic Artists moving on to third Expeditions game
28-Mar-2019 Divinity: Fallen Heroes is an Original Sin 2 tactics spinoff co-developed by Logic Artists
16-Nov-2018 THQ Nordic has acquired the Expeditions franchise, third game confirmed
27-Apr-2017 Expeditions: Viking Released
21-Apr-2017 Expeditions: Viking goes gold, gets price tag and teaser trailer
7-Apr-2017 Expeditions: Viking Raid On Dumfries Gameplay Video
31-Mar-2017 Expeditions: Viking March Newsletter: Final Beta Summary, Shield Abilities
1-Mar-2017 Expeditions: Viking February Newsletter: New Beta Coming March 15th, Spear Abilities
8-Feb-2017 Expeditions: Viking Makes Landfall On April 27th
1-Feb-2017 Expeditions: Viking January Newsletter: New Beta Upcoming, Dane Axe Abilities
17-Nov-2016 Expeditions: Viking November Newsletter: Beta starting on December 15th
17-Oct-2016 Expeditions: Viking October Newsletter: Northmen Raid Gameplay Video, Itemization Details
19-Aug-2016 Expeditions: Viking Gameplay Footage on Twitch Gamescom 2016 Broadcast
5-Jul-2016 Expeditions: Viking delayed to February 2017
9-Jun-2016 Expeditions: Viking June Newsletter: Developer Diary Videos, Chris Avellone Workshop
30-Apr-2016 Expeditions: Viking Interview and Gameplay Snippets at GlitchFeed
27-Apr-2016 Expeditions: Viking Preview at Destructoid
15-Apr-2016 Expeditions: Viking April Newsletter: GDC Recap, Gameplay Video at Gamereactor
19-Mar-2016 Expeditions: Viking Gameplay Demonstration at xBeau Gaming
10-Mar-2016 Expeditions: Viking March Newsletter: GDC Visit, TechRaptor Interview
2-Feb-2016 Expeditions: Viking February Newsletter: Official Website, Game Informer Preview, Screenshots
7-Aug-2015 Expeditions: Viking Gameplay Footage on Twitch Gamescom 2015 Broadcast
20-May-2015 Logic Artists reveal Expeditions: Conquistador sequel - Expeditions: Viking
7-May-2015 Expeditions: Conquistador Sequel Announced
8-Aug-2014 Logic Artists Interview at RPGWatch
3-Apr-2014 Fabula: Free Event Editor for Expeditions: Conquistador
8-Jul-2013 Expeditions: Conquistador Receives Free Content Update
30-May-2013 Expeditions: Conquistador Released
10-May-2013 Expeditions: Conquistador has a release date - May 30th
13-Apr-2013 Kickstarter Drama: Conquistador, Shadowrun and Eisenwald
6-Feb-2013 Expeditions: Conquistador release date is February 28th
3-Sep-2012 Expeditions: Conquistador Previews at RPGWatch and RPS
1-Sep-2012 Steam Greenlight: RPG Highlights
29-Aug-2012 Expeditions: Conquistador Preview at XP4T + New Worldmap Video
12-Aug-2012 Natives get a spanking in Expeditions: Conquistador
4-Aug-2012 Expeditions: Conquistador, Turn-based Tactical RPG Now on Kickstarter

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