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Natives get a spanking in Expeditions: Conquistador

Natives get a spanking in Expeditions: Conquistador

Game News - posted by Zed on Sun 12 August 2012, 18:08:50

Tags: Expeditions: Conquistador; Jonas Wæver; Logic Artists

Expeditions: Conquistador, the tactical RPG that started a kickstarter campaign earlier this month, now has some additional gameplay footage to show us. Game designer Jonas Wæver walks us through Conquistador's turn-based combat in a 10 minute battle from an earlier part of the game:

This is the first substantial update for their Kickstarter campagin. Even though tomorrow will give us an additional combat video, further updates may be a little sparse. From the Kickstarter update:

The reason we haven't done more updates here isn't that we don't care or that we're not excited about your contributions, but simply that we've been completely working our asses off on a press build of the game.

We mean to send this build out to the major gaming news outlets, which will hopefully get us a lot more coverage than our Kickstarter project alone can muster - after all, this Kickstarter is just some nice videos and a lot of promises, but the build is hard evidence that we're making a game with lots of depth, character, and attention to detail. The press build has the intro campaign on Hispaniola with about 4-5 hours of gameplay in total. We've got the main campaign all planned out, so if our Kickstarter is funded, we will produce about 20 hours of further gameplay.​

I'm excited to see whether or not they consider the Codex to be a major gaming news outlet.

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