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Expeditions: Viking Gameplay Footage on Twitch Gamescom 2015 Broadcast

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Expeditions: Viking Gameplay Footage on Twitch Gamescom 2015 Broadcast

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Fri 7 August 2015, 15:48:28

Tags: Alex Mintsioulis; Expeditions: Viking; Logic Artists

The Logic Artists are at Gamescom this week to promote Expeditions: Viking, the next game in their Expeditions series, which was first announced back in May. One of their number, Alex Mintsioulis, was a guest on Twitch's Gamescom stream earlier today, where he gave us our first glimpse of Expeditions: Viking gameplay footage:

Alex's demonstration starts on the game's world map, which is now 2D, where he shows us some of its detailed campsite management mechanics. That's followed by a CYOA text event, which he's unfortunately forced to skip through due to lack of time, followed by a bit of combat. The combat system includes the option to use various weapons, attacks of opportunity and a "kill cam". Certain Codexers will be interested to learn that Expeditions: Viking will not grant experience point rewards for combat.

According to Alex, much like its predecessor, Expeditions: Viking will have two campaigns. In the first one, you'll have to consolidate your clan's power in the Viking homeland of Scandinavia, and in the second, you'll invade the British Isles. You'll have the opportunity to involve yourself with local politics, and there's also supposed to be some kind of overarching village management strategic layer to tinker with. The game's still in pre-alpha so it's all rather rudimentary-looking, but it looks like we have something good to look forward to next year.

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