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Expeditions: Viking November Newsletter: Beta starting on December 15th

Expeditions: Viking November Newsletter: Beta starting on December 15th

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 17 November 2016, 17:23:03

Tags: Daniel Eskildsen; Expeditions: Viking; Logic Artists

Last month's Expeditions: Viking newsletter not so subtly hinted that news about the game's beta was coming soon. This month's newsletter confirms that the beta is coming on December 15th. Everybody who's signed up for the newsletters will receive a key. The new edition also includes a short developer diary video focused on the topic of player choice, the reveal that the Logic Artists have added a full party creation mechanic to the game, a glimpse at a never-before-shown dungeon area in the game's Britain campaign, and more. Here's an excerpt:

If you're reading this then guess what? You've made it! Welcome to the elite group of people with access to the upcoming Expeditions: Viking Beta in December. The Beta will be running for the majority of the month starting around the 15th of December and ending in the new year. We've got loads of new stuff for all of you to test and we're eager to get your feedback.

"So where's my Beta info!?" You ask? Well for very secret reasons, they're not in this mail, but Beta Access codes for Steam and additional information and instructions will be sent to you in an email closer to the launch of the Beta. That's not all though! With the launch of Expeditions: Viking coming in Q1 of next year, we're going to be giving Newsletter subscribers unique pre-launch and launch bonuses as a big thanks from all of us over here, so stay tuned to the Newsletter friends!

Gather Your Party Before Venturing Forth

Raiding villages and hamlets is hard work if you're just one Viking. Loot and thralls are heavy, not to mention the trouble with trying to row a long boat on your own. That's why you get to bring friends!

Looting a village is good wholesome fun for the whole clan!

But... And there's always a but, isn't there? A number of you keen eyed folks have noticed that when it comes to party management and combat, we've been showing a lot of the same characters. This has led some to believe that your motley hird (that's a joke, right there) wont be as... Motley, as it could.

Well, fear not! We haven't showed you other crew members yet, because YOU haven't made them yet!

"Wait... What did they just say?" We imagine you saying. Well you heard us! Once you start recruiting mercenaries for your pillaging adventures, you get to create them yourselves!

The story characters will still be there for all the lovely chattiness and banter, but by allowing you to make your own crew members, we're hoping to allow you to create exactly the party that's right for your pillaging needs!

The tool should be good to go for the Beta, and we can't wait to hear what you think of it.
I hope you all followed my advice last month and signed up for the newsletter! Next month's edition will offer an in-depth look at the game's skills, which should come in handy for the beta.

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