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THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Showcase: Expeditions: Rome & ELEX II

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THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Showcase: Expeditions: Rome & ELEX II

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 18 September 2021, 00:29:06

Tags: ELEX II; Expeditions: Rome; Jonas Wæver; Logic Artists; Piranha Bytes; THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic were puzzlingly absent from Gamescom this year. It turns out their plan was to broadcast their own showcase event for the company's 10th anniversary, hosted by the apparently obligatory Geoff Keighley. In addition to the announcement of Jagged Alliance 3 so eagerly covered by my colleague Darth Roxor, the showcase also featured two games of Codexian interest that were already announced earlier this year. Expeditions: Rome received a new dev diary-style "showcase trailer" which is basically an overview of all the details revealed about the game thus far, along with a few that haven't. This was followed soon afterwards by the highly anticipated trailer for ELEX II, which turned out to be yet another cinematic story trailer. Apparently Jax has a new voice actor and now nobody believes him that the Reapers Skyanides are coming.

Disappointingly, THQ Nordic weren't ready to announce a release date for either one of these games. Rome is supposed to be out this year, so I wonder what they're waiting for.

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