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Piranha Bytes

Piranha Bytes

Articles associated with this tag:

9-Dec-2017 RPG Codex Review: ELEX!
23-Nov-2016 RPG Codex Report: Gamescom 2016 - Vampyr, ELEX, The Guild 3 and Battle Chasers
10-Sep-2015 RPG Codex Report: Gamescom 2015 - SpellForce 3, ELEX, D:OS EE, The Guild 3, Daedalic and more
15-Sep-2014 RPG Codex Review: Risen 3: Titan Lords
3-Jul-2012 RPG Codex reviews Risen 2: Dark Waters
9-Aug-2011 Piranha Bytes Interview on Risen 2: Dark Waters
13-Dec-2009 Risen – probably the strongest deja-vu you’ll ever experience
20-Nov-2006 Gothic 3 Review
20-May-2006 Gothic 3 interview, part II
3-May-2006 Gothic 3 interview, part I
1-Mar-2022 ELEX II Released
23-Feb-2022 ELEX II Explanation Trailer
11-Jan-2022 ELEX II gets a combat trailer, now available for preorder
17-Nov-2021 ELEX II Factions Trailer
10-Nov-2021 ELEX II releasing on March 1st
18-Sep-2021 THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Showcase: Expeditions: Rome & ELEX II
15-Jun-2021 ELEX II announced
22-May-2019 Piranha Bytes acquired by THQ Nordic
2-Jul-2015 Piranha Bytes' New Game: ELEX
23-Jul-2014 Risen 3: Titan Lords has a luscious new trailer
8-Jul-2014 Risen 3: Titan Lords Available for Preorder on Steam
11-Apr-2014 Risen and Risen 2: Dark Waters Available on GOG
22-Feb-2014 Risen 3: Titan Lords revealed in PC Games magazine
1-Aug-2012 Risen 2 forum activity
28-May-2012 Risen 2 Air Temple DLC Released
10-May-2012 Risen 2 Patch Released
9-May-2012 Risen 2 Review Bundle
24-Apr-2012 Risen 2: Dark Waters Review @ Gamebanshee
23-Apr-2012 Risen 2: Dark Waters Reviews
23-Apr-2012 Lots of Potential, Lots of Questionable Design Decisions: Destructoid Reviews Risen 2
13-Mar-2012 Risen 2 Release Date Announced
29-Feb-2012 Risen 2: Dark Waters Previewed by a Bunch of Less Prestigious Websites
27-Feb-2012 Risen 2: Dark Waters Preview @ Gamebanshee
26-Oct-2011 Risen 2: Dark Waters Previews
22-Oct-2011 Risen 2 preview at IGN
6-Oct-2011 Swashbuckling on the High Seas of Gothic Fantasy
23-Aug-2011 Risen 2 gameplay presentation
29-Jul-2011 Voodoo Priestesses and Personal Pirate Ships
26-Jul-2011 4D10 Risen 2 Will Be Using Steam
17-Jun-2011 Risen 2: Dark Waters Previews
30-May-2011 Risen 2 - Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart
6-May-2011 Why Piranha Bytes Dumped JoWooD
13-Apr-2011 Risen 2 - Cinematic Trailer
6-Apr-2011 Piranha Bytes Interview and the Gothic rights
21-Feb-2011 Risen 2: Dark Waters Unveiled
20-Mar-2010 Review Extravaganza: Risen
18-Mar-2010 Risen gets patched
4-Mar-2010 MTV doesn't like Risen
13-Dec-2009 Risen has the best ARPG combat system ever made
7-Dec-2009 RPGWatch review of Risen
12-Nov-2009 Risen scores 7.4 on the Kharn-o-meter
2-Oct-2009 Risen - Now with Non-Nuked Demo!
19-Sep-2009 Risen gone gold
29-Aug-2009 RPGWatch preview Piranha Bytes' Risen
12-Jul-2009 Risen being honed to perfection for October release
29-Jun-2009 Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
23-Jun-2009 Risen Set To Blitzkrieg Deutschland On October 2nd.
3-Jun-2009 Risen interview
25-Mar-2009 Risen Preview on IGN
25-Mar-2009 Piranha Bytes Puts Up a Risen FAQ
7-Sep-2008 Risen preview in CD Action
20-Aug-2008 GC Trailer of Piranha Bytes' Risen
7-Aug-2008 Risen Announced
2-Jul-2008 Piranha Bytes create new world - avoid Gothic
22-Dec-2007 Piranha Bytes Christmas interview at World of Piranha
24-Aug-2007 New Piranha Bytes game details
24-Jul-2007 Gothic 3 community patch 1.4 released
22-May-2007 Piranha Bytes and JoWooD end their relationship
6-Feb-2007 G4 reviews Gothic 3 - 3/5
30-Jan-2007 Game Chronicles pushes its Gothic 3 review online
11-Jan-2007 New Gothic 3 interview with Kai Rosencrantz
6-Jan-2007 Gothic 3? Play Oblivion instead!
12-Dec-2006 Gothic 3 warms the cockles of GamerDad
5-Dec-2006 Gamespot gets around to playing Gothic 3
4-Dec-2006 Gothic 2 Gold review at Plain Games - 3.5/5
2-Dec-2006 Gothic 3 vs Oblivion at Gamers Europe
1-Dec-2006 More profeshunal perspectives on Gothic 3
30-Nov-2006 IGN rips Gothic 3 a new one
24-Nov-2006 Gothic 3 review at Softpedia - 9/10
23-Nov-2006 Gothic 3 trashed at GameSpy - 1.5/5
21-Nov-2006 Absolutely idiotic Gothic 3 review
20-Nov-2006 Our Gothic 3 review
17-Nov-2006 ActionTrip reviews Gothic 3 - 79%
17-Nov-2006 Gothic 3 preview at IGN
16-Nov-2006 Pro-G reviews Gothic 3's performance but forgets game
8-Nov-2006 Gothic 3 demo is coming on Nov 10
1-Nov-2006 Pixel Rage reviews Gothic 3
31-Oct-2006 Gothic 3 trashed at Rewired Mind - 2/10
31-Oct-2006 Jolt reviews Gothic 3
31-Oct-2006 Gothic 3 review at Computer Games
24-Oct-2006 Gothic 3 vs Oblivion at TGSN
24-Oct-2006 Dark Zero reviews Gothic 3 - 7/10
19-Oct-2006 Gothic 3 review at Eurogamer
19-Oct-2006 Honest Gamers love Gothic 3
12-Oct-2006 CVG reviews Gothic 3 - 8.5
13-Sep-2006 Gothic 3 gone gold
20-Aug-2006 Everything you've ever wanted to know about Gothic 3
3-Aug-2006 IGN previews Gothic 3
6-Jul-2006 Gothic III and StarForce break up
25-May-2006 GameSpy previews Gothic 3
19-May-2006 Gothic 3 interview
13-May-2006 Refundable skills points in Gothic 3
13-May-2006 Gothic 3 interview at RPG Vault
12-May-2006 Gothic 3 preview at IGN
3-May-2006 Gothic III - Part I
23-Mar-2006 IGN: Gothic 3 owns Oblivion
7-Mar-2006 Gothic III to be released in September
24-Feb-2006 Gothic 3 preview at 1UP
16-Feb-2006 Gothic III fan Q&A at JoWood forums
24-Dec-2005 ActionTrip previews Gothic 3
30-Nov-2005 Gothic III NA publisher confirmed
27-Oct-2005 Gothic 3 interview at TVG
19-Oct-2005 Gothic 3 Q&A at GameCloud
5-Aug-2005 Gothic 3 hullaballoo at RPGDot
26-Jul-2005 Gothic 3 Soundtrack snippets available
2-Jun-2005 World of Gothic celebrates five years with new trailer
13-May-2005 Beautify your Gothic II
9-May-2005 RPGDot on E3 RPGs
3-May-2005 Gothic 3 Teaser
3-May-2005 Gothic 3 Interview @ World of Gothic
24-Apr-2005 Gothic II Night of the Raven in English at last... if you're French
15-Dec-2004 Official Gothic III announcement from JoWooD
2-Dec-2004 Gothic 3 details at WoG
29-Apr-2004 Gothic I-III Q&A over at GothicDot
13-Mar-2004 Gamer's Pulse's heart rate increases for Gothic II
13-Feb-2004 Gothic II enjoyed by Next Level Gaming
1-Feb-2004 Gothic II liked by Armchair Empire
28-Jan-2004 Night of the Raven previewed by Arena Gier
26-Jan-2004 Game Chronicles digs Gothic II
21-Jan-2004 Gothic II soundtrack
19-Jan-2004 Gothic II is the best cRPG of 2003 according to Gry-Online readers
16-Jan-2004 RPGDot finally gets to the friggin' point: Gothic II wins
9-Jan-2004 RPGDot 2003 awards: Gothic II wins for atmosphere
5-Jan-2004 Gothic II judgement at Worthplaying
4-Dec-2002 German Gothic 2 Demo
11-Nov-2002 German version of Gothic 2 Gold!
6-Nov-2002 Gothic 2 delayed

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