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Risen - Now with Non-Nuked Demo!

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Risen - Now with Non-Nuked Demo!

Game News - posted by Jason on Fri 2 October 2009, 06:31:49

Tags: Piranha Bytes; Risen

After some false starts, the Risen demo is ready for your fervent love and/or mocking. Alternate mirrors can be found at Gamers Hell and ComputerGames.ro. Set aside 1 GB for the download.

Behind door # 2 is the Gothic 3 Community Patch 1.73, which oddly enough is about the same size as the Risen demo. Expect better bloom and softer particles.

Or ditch the Gothic scene altogether and grab the Machinarium demo. No, it's not an RPG but how many games have you played with art direction like this?

Thanks to larpingdude2.8

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