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11-Apr-2014 [Game News] Risen and Risen 2: Dark Waters Available on GOG
20-Mar-2010 [Review] Review Extravaganza: Risen
18-Mar-2010 [Game News] Risen gets patched
4-Mar-2010 [Review] MTV doesn't like Risen
13-Dec-2009 [Review] Risen has the best ARPG combat system ever made
13-Dec-2009 [Review] Risen – probably the strongest deja-vu you’ll ever experience
7-Dec-2009 [Review] RPGWatch review of Risen
12-Nov-2009 [Review] Risen scores 7.4 on the Kharn-o-meter
3-Nov-2009 [Review] Risen is a piece of shit
18-Oct-2009 [Review] Good things come to those who wait in Risen
3-Oct-2009 [Review] English Risen Reviews are cropping up
2-Oct-2009 [Game News] Risen - Now with Non-Nuked Demo!
29-Sep-2009 [Review] Risen runs without misfires
26-Sep-2009 [Review] Risen gone and got reviewed
19-Sep-2009 [Game News] Risen gone gold
29-Aug-2009 [Preview] RPGWatch preview Piranha Bytes' Risen
30-Jul-2009 [Game News] The Two Most Important Factors For Organic Virtual Worlds...
12-Jul-2009 [Game News] Risen being honed to perfection for October release
29-Jun-2009 [Preview] Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
23-Jun-2009 [Preview] Risen Set To Blitzkrieg Deutschland On October 2nd.
3-Jun-2009 [Interview] Risen interview
16-Apr-2009 [Preview] New Risen Video Released
25-Mar-2009 [Preview] Risen Preview on IGN
25-Mar-2009 [Preview] Piranha Bytes Puts Up a Risen FAQ
4-Feb-2009 [Editorial] Designing logo's and trailers for Risen
7-Sep-2008 [Preview] Risen preview in CD Action
20-Aug-2008 [Game News] GC Trailer of Piranha Bytes' Risen

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