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Risen is a piece of shit

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Risen is a piece of shit

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 3 November 2009, 09:48:24

Tags: Risen

EuroGamer don't like Risen so much:

Not many games get a second chance to make a first impression, but enough readers felt Risen's shonky Xbox 360 port shouldn't count against the apparently superior PC version that we thought we should investigate that one as well.
So, sorry Risen apologists, but even when viewed in its best light, Risen simply isn't anything special. Despite being Gothic 4 in all but name, Piranha Bytes has brought little that is new to its creaking formula and the elements that are worthwhile are all but smothered under a design ethos that confuses length for depth.​
GameSquad don't like it either, scoring it a poor 4/10:

The game is also unforgiving difficulty throughout, not only because of the horrible combat, but also from Risen refusing to give the player information about potential enemies. Because of this reticence, a player will not know the difficulty of an enemy until he is engaged in combat. Again, this will result in more than a few quick reloads.
Fans of Risen will say that the game is a throwback to the old days when RPGs were hardcore, but hardcore doesn’t always mean fun.​
If you guessed that the next line was "RPGs have evolved quite a lot over the last ten years, and Piranha Bytes seems content with not being a part of that innovation", you win a prize.

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