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RPGWatch review of Risen

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RPGWatch review of Risen

Review - posted by Monolith on Mon 7 December 2009, 12:37:09

Tags: Piranha Bytes; Risen

RPGWatch have posted a concise review of Risen. While it's not as detailed and critical as Brother None's, it's still giving a nice overview for those interested.

Here the negatives as they are summed up for comfortable copy and paste:

Negatives are really mainly personal. The ending is disliked by many including me, though others seem to enjoy it. In my opinion, when you spend an entire game developing a character the way you want to, then you should be able to use all those developed abilities in the final, climatic battle. To change the entire style of the game at the very end leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Some of the animations are ‘rugged’. Quests can be a little obscure at times and the journal is not as helpful as it could be. The game can be a trifle unforgiving at times also, but there are many who find that a plus. Nothing stood out for me as a strong negative, other than the ending. True, there are some restrictions which people might not like; only one city (which is what you’d expect on a small island), no deep friendships such as those formed in the Gothic series (though Patty comes close), and no wildly divergent scenery, or alternative cultures (though the lizardmen are perhaps a nod in that general direction). However, after all the criticisms levelled at G3, who can really blame PB for playing it a little safe. Hopefully, they’ll spread their wings a little in a sequel.​
About spreading their wings, I hope they'll do that in the add-on.

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