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Risen runs without misfires

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Risen runs without misfires

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 29 September 2009, 14:55:48

Tags: Risen

... or so say RPGWatch about this: Can you read German? While you wait for some Codexer to do the proper translation, here's the google version of a Risen fan-site review (Note: There may be a possible potential for bias):

While the editors of the relevant gaming magazines are still arguing about whether Risen is now or not innovative enough and therefore was a good or not so good RPG, is the opinion of the fans already announced: Risen is in large part exactly what we wants. Much of the first two titles and Gothic to contemporary, there's still a service and accessibility. Fans ist das genug Innovation. Fans is enough innovation. This must not be the role-wheel to be reinvented. Neue Reifen mit besserem Profil sind genug. New tires with a better profile is enough.
Piranha Bytes typical history begins with a fixed predetermined nameless character. A character creation is no longer applicable and one immediately enters the story.
At the beginning, the various factions to whom we may join them, revealed. However, one can postpone his decision or the entire first chapter. To join the groups, typically have specific tasks to be done, which ultimately lead to the fact that it binds tightly to a group. The further history can be seen from the perspective of that group.
Partial interlocking quests that reveal themselves only after questioning several people to switch to tasks that can be tricky to solve. A little too short, the ability to solve quests come in various ways to the vast majority of quests have only one solution.​
WTF google tooltip when you however over text? And it copy-pastes the original as well? Fuck off. Risen might be exactly what we wants but WTF happened to google translate.

You might also want to check out video benchmarks for the game. Results seem to indicate some chugga-chugga-chugga.

!gamebanshee (which has fucked itself at the moment with error 404's all over the place) & RPGWatch

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