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Designing logo's and trailers for Risen

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Designing logo's and trailers for Risen

Editorial - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 4 February 2009, 01:04:56

Tags: Risen

In two thoroughly fascinating in-depth blog entries, the makers of Risen talk about the trials and tribulations of making the game's logo and the game's trailer:

Picking a name for a baby isn't easy. With two people, choosing a name can take a while, and anyone who has children has a story to tell on the subject.

Now imagine that 21 people have to agree on a name – and the wealthy godfather (in this case, the patient folks at Deep Silver) also has a thing or two to say, then you will have some idea of the problems we had coming up with a name.
Work began around April: together with Ettore Pizzetti – the incredibly talented director of the trailer – I had been thinking about what the goal of the trailer should be. We decided that we wanted to concentrate primarily on the story – and not on the features – and especially to create a desire for more. It should also raise a few questions that could then be discussed in the forum. Once the vision was clear, we started putting together the pieces from the story by Piranha Bytes that were interesting and important enough to be mentioned in the one minute we had as our target time.​
Actual updates about the game are bound to come soon.

Spotted @ GameBanshee

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