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Good things come to those who wait in Risen

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Good things come to those who wait in Risen

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 18 October 2009, 07:43:21

Tags: Risen

Cheat Code are up first:

As far as hardcore action-RPGs go, there's not a lot in Risen that genre veterans likely haven't encountered somewhere before. Still, being turbulently booted from an ill-fated sea vessel and thrust into a mystical, dangerous, and beautifully crafted world where you must scavenge and fend for yourself if you wish to survive remains utterly compelling. Every rare and potent herb you gather, every friend or foe you make, and every crucial piece of hard-earned gear you pick up feels like an accomplishment. And the decisions you make, for better or worse, will inevitably have an impact on this strange land and your time in it.​
CrispyGamer say you should try it:

And good things come to those who wait: Unlike a game like Oblivion, where monsters scale with your growth, Risen makes you feel like your character progression matters. When you first start playing the game, you'll have to figure out a way to stay alive -- as a Fighter, a pure Mage or a Warrior of the Order (a mix of the other two). As you get stronger and get access to better weapons, you'll be able to take down those epic monsters that sent you running into the darkness like a kitten. You'll wonder why you were so scared of those vultures and that acid-spitting Rotworm. The trick is to find your vocation early, follow its path, and earn from it to gain the experience, gold and training points you'll need.​
Finally the headings from CollegeNews' review:

What’s Good
- Huge, explorable, dynamic world
- Choices, choices, choices
- Detailed environment

What’s Bad
- Not very friendly for casual gamer
- Beginning is slow and difficult
- Combat is very simple
- Can’t customize your character’s physical appearance​
Risen sucks because it's hard, not made for casual gamers and you can't make your character look like Patrick Stewart.

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