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Risen being honed to perfection for October release

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Risen being honed to perfection for October release

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 12 July 2009, 08:25:31

Tags: Piranha Bytes; Risen

According to the press release:

Risen will make its international debut on October 02, 2009. The new RPG from the inventors of Gothic, Piranha Bytes, has already entered the Beta phase and is now being honed to perfection. Risen will be available for PC and Xbox 360®, the video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®.

"The release date for Risen enables us to introduce the game to the market in the best possible condition," says Daniel Oberlerchner, Brand Manager at Deep Silver. "We have been in the Beta phase here for several weeks, and now our focus lies on eliminating the remaining bugs."

The contents of Risen are already complete, and all dialogs have been recorded. A total of three quality assurance teams are working on the game – one directly at Piranha Bytes, one at Deep Silver, plus an additional external studio.​
So does that mean we'll only have one or two CTD's instead of the current industry standard of five?

Thanks asper!

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