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Risen preview in CD Action

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Risen preview in CD Action

Preview - posted by Elwro on Sun 7 September 2008, 11:03:49

Tags: Piranha Bytes; Risen

There’s a two page preview of Piranha Bytes’ Risen in the prestigious magazine CD Action (09/2008). Since it’s reliable for a gaming mag, I decided to translate some info from there, hopefully I’m not the only one for whom at least some of this info is new. So, (with some changes and cuts)

many years ago a powerful mage banished the gods from the world of man, freeing the latter from the rule of the former. The void left after the departure of the gods was filled by elemental magic and potent creatures threatening to break loose and destroy the world. Finding and, if possible, killing such monsters is the job of the Inquisition.

Risen is going to take place on an island far from any continent. After a series of quakes ancient temples filled with magical creatures appeared on the face of the earth; citizens started to disappear, and the strengthening murmur of the great volcano is a harbinger of eruption. Inquisition sends their forces immediately, lead by a fanatic who seizes the local cloister, transforming it into barracks for his men, displaces all citizens to a small port in the south and categorically forbids them to enter the inner parts of the island.

Male prisoners are sent to work at excavation sites; most don’t come back. Of course not everyone likes the inquisitor’s rule – a group of people rebels and seizes some faraway ruins, making them headquarters of their own temple plundering enterprise. Also, some districts of the port town are not completey controlled by the corrupted guards.

Meanwhile, on the beach, among the remains of a crashed ship, a nameless hero regains consciousness, soon meeting a group of rebel treasure hunters. (…)
  • There will be a few factions, and of course a system regulating reputation and dialogue/quest availability
  • The island (smaller than Gothic 3’s Myrtana) will have a few areas of different climate.
  • There will be other intelligent races, but no elves, dwarves or orcs (!). Only one of the races will be peaceful, most likely the gnomes.
  • More emphasis will be put on catacombs, sewers etc.
  • The combat system will be more extensive. The player will have to his disposal a few fighting styles. 60-70% of all skills will be combat-related. There will be double wielding, runic magic and possibility of transforming into different creatures.
  • The character development mechanics will be similar to the one from the Gothic series.
  • No mounts.

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