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Risen gone and got reviewed

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Risen gone and got reviewed

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 26 September 2009, 10:38:22

Tags: Risen

Gamerzines review Risen, say stuff about it:

Welcome to the world of Faranga, where you have been shipwrecked on a tropical island with magical promise and a population torn apart by an ongoing war between three very different forces. [...] The world is complicated and the power struggle can be felt through the game's sixty to eighty hour experience. [...] Combat feels a little unresponsive using one button to attack and one to defend. [...] There are some really imaginative spells at your disposal
Risen tries very hard to dissuade you from making binary choices and you'll be making them very often. Some moral choices are easy such as stopping a brutish customer beating up prostitutes whereas others are much more complicated like with a snitch who has the choice of either being killed by the men he has shopped or being enrolled in the inquisition, neither of which sound appealing or viable for long term security.​
You have to download the PDF of the mag at the bottom to read the rest apparently but I couldn't be assed. I'll just wait until someone else does a review and posts it online like normal.

You can also watch videos of Risen on the YouTube channel, including a "making of" one.

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