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Gamer's Pulse's heart rate increases for Gothic II

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Gamer's Pulse's heart rate increases for Gothic II

Review - posted by Spazmo on Sat 13 March 2004, 14:14:57

Tags: Gothic II; Piranha Bytes

Gamer's Pulse have reviewed Gothic II, the actiony CRPG from the faraway mysterious lands of Germany. They generally approve of it, netting Gothic II a score of 40 out of 50.

Experience points are gained through combat, but also by completing quests. Gothic II is heavily story driven, but it doesn’t attempt to thwart any attempts you may have at trying to modify the story to fit your own vision. If you find that you’re not getting along with any particular person, you can steal their belongings, or even remove them from the game with some deft moves from your sword. Of course, each of these actions holds a consequence, some direr than others. Stealing from, or even slaughtering, a known thief may go unnoticed by the town’s more respected citizens, but walking into a room and having five town guards draw their swords is a pretty good deterrent. If your life is taken by an NPC, you’ll be able to hear comments about your end by those who witnessed it. Thieves will then proceed to loot your corpse, which I found to be a nice touch.

Sadly, my sources tell me that censorship authorities in Germany and the US forced Piranha Bytes to remove the Necrophiliac Rapist enemy from the game, as well as his post-mortem celebrations.
Spotted at: GenGamers

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