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Night of the Raven previewed by Arena Gier

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Night of the Raven previewed by Arena Gier

Preview - posted by Ausir on Wed 28 January 2004, 14:42:13

Tags: Gothic II: Night of the Raven; Piranha Bytes

The Gothic II expansion, Night of the Raven, has been previewed by Arena Gier, a Polish gaming site. Here's a (translated) bit:
    Gothic II: Night of the Raven doesn't take place after or before Gothic II, but during the action of the original game. The events are connected to those we experienced some time ago. Apart from what most add-ons offer, like new characters or areas, GOthic II: Die Nacht Des Raben is almost a separate game. The devs have created a nearly new product - only the title remained. If it didn't have the name on the box, some might thinkj it's Gothic III, for which, as I mentioned before, we will have to wait some more. Night of the Raven is not a typical expansion pack - we'll get 20 more hours of gameplay, during which our hero will meet ten new types of monsters, with which he can fight with figteen new weapons, and twelve new spells. Thirty new artifacts will also apear. We'll also hear new sound effects and see some lesser additions.
The expansion has only been published in German for now, the Polish version is at works, and the fate of the English edition is yet to be determined.

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