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Gothic 3 warms the cockles of GamerDad

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Gothic 3 warms the cockles of GamerDad

Review - posted by Role-Player on Tue 12 December 2006, 15:34:57

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

GamerDad has finished their review (dare I say footnote?) of the poster child for biased mainstream reviewers, Gothic 3. While there is a mandatory mention of the game's technical problems, GamerDad seems to recognize some merit in the game and awards it a 4 out of 5:

Unfortunately some of those choices are hampered by the unpolished state of the game as released. I was fortunate that the version released by Aspyr ran very well on my system, and I completed the 100 hour trek through the game without once crashing to the desktop. I had tons of quest completion issues and other bugs, including places where there was no text or voiced dialogue during an entire conversation. Also, while the magic and ranged combat systems are very good, the melee combat system sometimes boils down to a click-fest won by whoever connected the first hit. Finally, while it is nice to have a single load screen, the trade-off is that the game is unlikely to perform better than ‘acceptable' on anything other than the most powerful computers available. The result is a very fractured experience – there is a lot about this game that is truly excellent, ‘game of the year' type stuff, but littered amongst that is a ton of broken quests, bugs, filler and other moments of frustration where you wonder if the quest you are trying to complete is broken or if you just need to try harder. I highly recommend this to hardcore role-players with powerful computers who are willing to persevere in the pursuit of the great experience Gothic 3 can provide.

Can't argue with that. There's certainly more to Gothic 3 than most reviewers cared to look for.

Spotted at: RPG Watch

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