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Gothic I-III Q&A over at GothicDot

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Gothic I-III Q&A over at GothicDot

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 29 April 2004, 14:32:21

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

There's a lengthy interview over at GothicDot about the CRPG series by Piranha Bytes, talking about the present, past, and future of that series. Here's a bit on the future:

World of Gothic: Word from Michael Hoge is (correct me if I'm wrong), that in Gothic III, the hero doesn't have to start and learn everything from scratch. Can you vaguely tell us anything about that?

As you explicitely allow us to vagueley talk about that: We don't intend the player to have to enter the gaming world as an absolute beginner. But if you hope for a superhero from the beginning, think again. The player has a certain reputation and can defend himself properly, but to live up to his task, he still needs to develop his skills :-).

Well, that's better than the total skills wipe and being the same person again, I guess.

Thanks, Garrett!

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