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Our Gothic 3 review

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Our Gothic 3 review

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 20 November 2006, 16:28:24

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

Gothic 3 has just been released in North America and we are pleased to influence your buying decision with this review:

If you absolutely must know what some global goals are, the fire mages want you to find twelve fire chalices that are scattered all over the land (some of them are guarded carefully and will be traded for a fortune, some of them fell into the hands of orcs/humans who don’t know their real value and, thus, could be easily obtained – very nice touch, if you ask me); the ex-general wants a teleporter-to-the-palace stone to finish the, well, unfinished business with the king; I was also asked to find Xardas, but as usual the bastard has managed to talk his way out with some “I can explain!” bullshit instead of laughing maniacally and throwing fireballs at me, which is what evil necromancers called bosses usually do in games. I didn’t do much work for the orcs, so I couldn’t see the top guys and find out what they want.
It did feel refreshing to find Xardas, a necromancer who helped the orcs to breach the humans' defenses, and have a civilized conversation with him.

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