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Gothic 3 community patch 1.4 released

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Gothic 3 community patch 1.4 released

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 24 July 2007, 05:09:02

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

What the title says. Here is what the patch does:

I. Community Patch v1.4

- One can learn "Make poison" bugfree.
+ One can learn "Master thief". (Soundless dialog)
- Artifacts of Adanos cannot be sold.
+ Milten gives the teleporterstone for the Monastery.
- Censoring of nude women removed.
- The game can also be ended when Zuben is already long dead.
- When Orknarok accompanies the hero, he will not be attacked by the Nomads and vice versa.
- Orknarok leaves the party, once the requirements therefore are met.
- One cannot get Shakyors Druidstone twice.
+ Mort leads one when needed for a second time to the Hammerclan, Fireclan or to the entrance of the mine.
- Hogar does not kill the hero for the quest "Duel with Hogar".
+ The quest "Delivery to Nordmar" unlocked. (Soundless dialog)
- One can speak with Dargoth about the "Fifth temple", once prerequired knowledge has been obtained.
- Lisk gives only final comments about the liberation of the mine when he has taken part in it.
- One can say to Xardas "I have the five artifacts of Adanos" only when one has them.
- Asaru is teacher for martial arts, when one assures him to help him.
+ Tyler says "Where to now? To Trelis, or what?", before one attacks Trelis together.
- Effects of "Black Rhobar" corrected.
+ Two comments from Dan and Goose unlocked.
- Information for the quest "Just a fallen..." noted in the questlog.
- Some inconsistencies in the dialogdata resolved.
- Sulfock gives experience "Kill the threatening Snapper in front of the Sulphurmine".
- For the quest "Sell the skin to Gnar for 500 gold pieces" one can give Wilson 500 gold.
- The spiked cutchel has a goldvalue of 150, instead of 4500 gold.
- One cannot interrupt Lee during his teleport by means of a dialog.
- Iljas Vaze, Shadowscepter and Chalice of the Watertraders are ordened properly in the inventory.
- For the quest "Covert operations" one needs the amulet of Ilja.
- One cannot drink empty bottles and viles.
- The Krush Irmak deals damage.
- Kamak and the Orcs with the excavation form one party.
+ Dialog of Xardas unlocked.
- Murak does not react like a slave after the liberation of Bakaresh.
+ Additional dialog options for Kan unlocked.
- One can follow certain dialogs still after the relevant NPCs are dead.
- The quest "Free Kliff from the Orcs on the farm" can always be ended.
- One cannot say to Kliff "You are free now", when he already knows it.
- Georg is promoted to Paladin when giving the blessed Fire Chalice.
- When one attacks Sugut or his camp with the Nomads, one will be treated as a normal assassin.
You can grab the patch here.

Thanks, puppyonastik

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