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Gothic III to be released in September

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Gothic III to be released in September

Game News - posted by Spazmo on Tue 7 March 2006, 20:18:11

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

A press release at ToTheGame announces that the release date for Piranha Bytes' Gothic III is September of this year.
Rottenmann, Austria, 8th of March 2006: Gothic fans, here's the answer to all your prayers: Publisher JoWooD Productions, co-publisher Deep Silver and developer Piranha Bytes will release the third part of the RPG legend in September 2006.

For a long time, the fans have had to be satisfied with the cryptic answer "...when it's done!" if they wanted to know the release date. Now we are sure "when it's done" - in September 2006 the third chapter of the Gothic saga will be released. "The polished quality will bring excitement to the hearts of all gamers worldwide!", assures Stefan Berger, Senior Brand Manager JoWooD Productions.
I can't wait to have some excitement in my heart. Maybe Gothic IV will give me a stroke.
Spotted at: Blue's News

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