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New Gothic 3 interview with Kai Rosencrantz

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New Gothic 3 interview with Kai Rosencrantz

Interview - posted by suibhne on Thu 11 January 2007, 21:26:49

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

German fansite World of Gothic recently scored a Christmastime interview with Piranha Bytes developer KaiRo (also the composer of Gothic 3's award-winning soundtrack). Deutschophiliacs can find the original German interview here. Narrow-minded English speakers were originally out of luck, but JoWood forum mod Glockenbeat came to the rescue this afternoon by posting his own translation of the interview.

To whet your appetite:
Gothic 3's technology is based on a simple idea but which is part in every section of development: The player should have a maximum of freedom and the world should traceably react dynamically on every action he takes. ...Special reactions on particular decisions still exist, but the majority of the consequences is calculated through algorithms in the engine instead of being alleged by us. ...We still stand by the decision to take this choice of design because we find it to be auspicious and the future of RPGs. But we still have to put up with the reproach that Gothic 3 has lost its soul, since we didn't achieve to combine freedom with the soul of the series - the narrative depth. Now it's our turn to implement both in one game, or at least to find the golden mean.
KaiRo also discusses further patches, a possible release of the editor, and future PB projects (including vague but positive mumblings about a G3 expansion).
Spotted at: JoWood forums

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