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Gothic 3 review at Computer Games

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Gothic 3 review at Computer Games

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 31 October 2006, 15:11:11

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

Computer Games has posted a review of Gothic 3, giving it 85% and noting excellent atmosphere, while complaining about poor optimization. The review is kinda boring, so it's hard to find an interesting paragraph to quote.

In its current state, Gothic 3 is a game of contradictions. On one hand there are the bugs – graphical or gameplay related – which sometimes seriously affect the game experience. On the other, there are all the elements that contributed to the series success. Although it offers a minimum of 50 hours of playtime, depending on each player’s approach, Gothic 3 doesn’t get boring, even though it can get repetitive when considering the reputation system. If it weren’t for the bugs, crashes and long save / load times, it would have taken quite an effort to stop me from playing the game for 10 hours straight or more. As I said earlier on, sometimes you will feel that you’re playing either a beta or an unfinished version. A shame, it could have been the RPG, if not the game of the year. I can only hope that future patches will fix the more severe bugs and bring some much needed optimizations. Unfortunately, it seems that they won’t be released until the game is launched in the US, which might affect sales and the possibility of seeing a Gothic 4. But there’s still some time until then and there are already rumors about an add-on.

Thanks, Bossman.

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