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IGN rips Gothic 3 a new one

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IGN rips Gothic 3 a new one

Review - posted by Role-Player on Thu 30 November 2006, 00:32:12

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

Always trying to remain on the high tiers of lacking professionalism when it comes to reviewing games, IGN decided to award Piranha Bytes' Gothic 3 a 4.9. Unfortunately, while the review is sprinkled with some shreds of truth about the game, it's also very much off the scale with comments like these:

While we wanted so badly wanted to become immersed in the world of Gothic III, there were yet even more issues that brought us screaming back to reality. If you attack an NPC in a town you're friendly with and choose not to perform a finishing stab once they've hit the ground, they'll completely forget you attacked them even if approached only 10 seconds later. They won't even mention the fact that you just randomly beat the crap out of them, instead offering up a standard greeting. This really breaks any kind of immersive qualities about Gothic III.

Too bad the reviewer was unaware that Gothic 3's reputation system makes it so the more powerful a character is, the less chances of opposition from several factions he will experience, including the populace.

Thanks, Chinese Jetpilot!

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