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Gothic III fan Q&A at JoWood forums

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Gothic III fan Q&A at JoWood forums

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Thu 16 February 2006, 21:37:09

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

There's a thread at the JoWood Gothic III forums that contains a fan interview with the folks at Piranha Bytes about Gothic III. There's a whopping 75 questions scattered over two pages, so it ought to be interesting reading for fans.
24.) How do you evaluate Gothic 3 ? Which improvement do you see most innovative ? by x850xt

Gothic 3 is what you would expect from a worthy successor, and it is even more. In the last few weeks we were able to recreate and refurbish the incomparable atmosphere of Gothic on the new technology, so starting with the game feels like a return into the well known and fascinating world of Gothic. I personally am enthusiastic about every new feature our programmers are providing us and I just can't believe what our self-built engine can offer. I am mostly impressed by the new animation system and its use during combat and the shader effects we use for the water and shiny materials, surface structures, skin ... But this are things other Piranhas might tell you more about.

Oh and of course: The new music system and the dynamic orchestral sound ... extra amazing !
Nice question. "Out of all the awesome and innovative elements of the game, which is your favourite, and how awesomely innovative is it?" I expect more hard-hitting questions from fan Q&As on a publisher's official forum!
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