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Gothic 3 preview at IGN

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Gothic 3 preview at IGN

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 12 May 2006, 15:18:44

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

IGN has enjoyed the E3 Gothic 3 demo and posted a short preview, noting a reactive AI.

In one of the quests shown off an NPC challenged the main character to a duel as a test of strength. After a short battle the NPC was defeated and fell to the ground. Now, there are some options here, one of which is to deliver a killing blow even though the fight wasn't supposed to be to the death. This naturally provided a terrific moment to start demonstrating the reactive AI. Once the killing blow was delivered, all of the people watching the fight freaked out and cried murder. It was not a good public relations move but considering one of the ways to play the game is to help the orcs subjugate humanity, it's not that big a problem.

Once again, when approaching orc guards around the castle, once weapons were even drawn the entire lot of them went into alert mode and started shouting threats about putting the weapons away. If weapons are left drawn for too long in the face of potential enemies, they'll simply begin attacking. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense afterall.
The funny thing is, it's the same old stuff that nobody paid attention to before. Oblivion's stupid hype has attracted everyone's attention to AI, and because RAI was such a ... what's the word? ... procedural garbage, everyone else's AI looks great in comparison. Thanks, Bethesda!

Gothic III looked pretty impressive again. It's a lesser known and lesser played series here in the states but it definintely warrants some attention from the RPG crowd. It's open-ended gameplay should turn on anyone that was a fan of the recent Oblivion release and even hold some advantages over it.
My sentiments exactly.

Spotted at: RPG Dot

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