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ActionTrip previews Gothic 3

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ActionTrip previews Gothic 3

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 24 December 2005, 15:45:58

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

ActionTrip has posted a preview of Gothic 3. I don't see anything new here, but it's a nice summary for those who didn't pay much attention before:

In Gothic 3 gamers get to discover a whole new world. The first two games took place on an island, isolated from the mainland. Players had the freedom to go anywhere they pleased, complete any quest they wanted and join any faction they wanted. During your journeys, you often heard talks of the mainland, but you never got a chance to see it. Gothic 2 ended with players sailing away from the island on a ship. Well, Gothic 3 begins as your ship docks onto the mainland. As our hero arrives, he finds that the war has been won by the Orcs, and it is they who control most of the mainland now. A great number of humans are now enslaved and forced to obey the will of their fearsome enemy. Rest assured you won't be bored since there are over 1000 unique characters to interact with, which amounts to a whole lot more than in the previous installment (around 400).
Once you set out on your journey, there will be plenty of choices to make. One of the first decisions is whether or not you're ready to help the Orcs and fight for their cause. Players can do so if they wish. In which case, you shouldn't expect to find a warm welcome near any human settlements. But if you decide to stay loyal and supportive of the humans, you're bound to get into conflicts with the Orcs. If you're fed up with the Humans vs. Orc war altogether, you are free to tell both sides to sod off, so you can follow your own destiny. Also, Gothic 2 featured two or three factions at the most. In Gothic 3 you'll be able to choose from six diverse factions. Joining a faction, naturally, effects the way other citizens and enemies look upon you. So, think carefully before you choose.
NPCs usually behave in accordance with your actions as well. If a farmer witnesses you killing his sheep (Or as we like to call it, Vader's 'girlfriend'. - Ed), don't expect him to be friendly and cooperative. He'll also spread the word about your foul deed, so other people will be less helpful too. To avoid this you can kill the farmer and put the lid on the whole sheep situation. Of course, things could get even worse if there were witnesses present when you iced the poor farmer, in which case citizens will once again refuse to assist you. Luckily, there's a way around that. Other people can be persuaded in various traditional ways - you can offer them money, complete a few tasks for them, etc. Once you do that, you'll gain their trust. Basically, there's a solution to every problem, but the ticket is to think before you act.

I'm really looking forward to this one. Hopefully, it would set a trend and send a message to publishers about treating and developing a franchise.

Spotted at: RPG Dot

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