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Gothic 3 review at Eurogamer

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Gothic 3 review at Eurogamer

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 19 October 2006, 15:39:45

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

Eurogamer has posted a review of Gothic 3, giving it 8/10 and calling it "at times gorgeous, at other times frustrating."

In other words, Gothic 3 isn't an exercise in pushing back against the colossus of Oblivion, that RPG that now pretty much defines the fantasy genre in Europe and the U.S. Given the latter's pedigree, that would have been foolish.

Yet, for all its go-anywhere charm, unlike 'that-game-beginning-with O' (we really can't escape these Elder Scrolls references, can we?), it's not overwhelming in its scope. Because while there's plenty of room to manoeuvre and missions to undertake, in terms of character-building, things are vastly reduced.
I assume that means that you can't generate your very own character, which, as we all know, is the essense of role-playing and character-building.

Each town and faction has its own problems and its necessary to build up a self-contained reputation via the completion of dedicated quests before siding with the orcs or the rebels, depending on which way your moral compass is pointing. So while the main story still lingers at the back somewhat, once you've conquered that little part of the world, you genuinely feel like you're getting somewhere. It's an incentive that goes hand in hand with the exploratory nature of the title.
This is the main reason to buy Gothic 3, and it would have been nice to read more than a generic description of this feature.

Thanks, Twinfalls.

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