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Piranha Bytes Christmas interview at World of Piranha

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Piranha Bytes Christmas interview at World of Piranha

Interview - posted by Elwro on Sat 22 December 2007, 14:26:15

Tags: Piranha Bytes

World of Piranha have their traditional Christmas interview with one of the creators of the Gothic series. This time they speak with Mike Hoge, designer and one of the founding members of the team. The interview's translation is really hard to understand, so let me summarize some parts of it. Perhaps learning from their previous mistakes, Piranhas seem to have decided to concentrate on the combat system first. The game will have a smaller world, although "you still might lose your way" in it. The "ideas collecting" phase is supposed to end in January. Guilds will have some exclusive quests and you won't be able to join all of them.
8.The Witcher made some furore in positiv form. Above all the media and players lauded the story and the embedding into the quests. Will your game keep up with the Witcher? The idea of the copula was an great one. But the following games didn't got a story good as like in Gothic 1.

Mike Hoge: That's my opinion too. Gothic 1 had the best story of all the Gothic games. I like the story of Gothic 2 too (above all the connection with the add-on), but you shouldn't forget that we had 3 years time to create the story in Gothic 1. In Gothic 2 just 4 weeks. However, we let us a lot of time to create the story for RPB. So we have a story with (hopefully) unexpectet turnarounds

9. Another question which has something common with The Witcher. There is a capacity diversity deployment (Huh? - Elwro) to the story. In a way, how you decide in the beginning of the game. Is there an option like this in RPB too?

Mike Hoge: I didn't have the chance to play The Witcher for myself. (but I'll do that in my holidays) So I cannot tell you something about the quest-composition. But I can tell you something about our project: Replaying will be worthy.
It's obvious the Gothic games were a big inspiration for The Witcher. It'd be great if, in turn, Piranha Bytes built upon the juiciest parts of CDPR's creation in their new game.

Read the whole interview here.

Thanks, Shannow!

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