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G4 reviews Gothic 3 - 3/5

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G4 reviews Gothic 3 - 3/5

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 6 February 2007, 17:45:57

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

G4 has posted a review of Gothic 3, complaining about the bugs and combat, but praising everything else. The verdict is 3/5.

You’ll eventually make lasting changes to the continent itself. Say you side with the humans, for instance, in which case you’ll have to liberate cities from orc rule, after which NPC rebels scattered throughout the region will actually move in and set up shop. And when fixed story events do occur, they’re cumulatively justified, as opposed to handholding “directives” with only nominal relationship to your character’s actions. It’s hardly the stuff of a George R. R. Martin novel, but we’re at least talking good and evil on a more abstruse Ultima scale, with none of the cosmic black and white nonsense you’re forced to swallow in other RPGs.
We’ve read for months just how mind-blowing Oblivion is, so here’s something--Gothic 3 may be even better. After you’ve played Oblivion for a dozen hours, I dare you not to notice how Bethesda’s magnum opus starts frittering away depth for breadth. Oblivion may be visually jaw-dropping and gi-normous, but once you’ve scoped a few of its dungeons, churches, taverns, guilds, forests, and hellish alternate dimensions, you’ve pretty much done them all.

Gothic 3 on the other hand maintains a handcrafted distinctness that’s stitched into every last inch of its capacious go-anywhere game spaces, from the overhanging pine-draped cliff tops sheltering decrepit strongholds, to the vast honeycombed grottoes concealing an ostensible ecology of subterranean critters. Imagine a more deliberate, less random version of Oblivion without the beautiful but often empty-headed characters and look-alike locations and you’re glimpsing Gothic 3.
The truth slowly starts to come out. Well, better late than never, I suppose.

Thanks, Kharn.

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