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Game Chronicles pushes its Gothic 3 review online

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Game Chronicles pushes its Gothic 3 review online

Review - posted by suibhne on Tue 30 January 2007, 22:37:03

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

Print magazine Game Chronicles reviewed Gothic 3 in late December, but the piece is now available online. Somebody apparently still believes there's life outside the intarwebs? Anyway.

The score lands with a thud: 6.9. Thesis statement:
The greatest tragedy is Gothic 3 offers some excellent quests and a storyline with unbelievable freedom, but it’s hard to focus on the grand goal of saving your homeland when the game keeps freezing up at critical moments.

Like so many other mainstream reviews, this one offers a few inaccuracies ("You can only fire arrows from about 10 yards away") and questionable lapses of judgment ("There are also no appropriate boundaries between newbie and extremely dangerous areas – in one 'starter' cavern I fought my way past the goblins at the entrance only to find myself face to face with a dragon just a short distance down the main tunnel"). But it's also one of the most in-depth and balanced of the mainstream reviews. The reviewer's experience is brought down by the combat system (with the by-now-familiar complaints: lack of balance, deadly forest critters, etc.) and poor technical performance, but there's plenty of appreciation for the game's faction design and flexible gameworld:
Gothic 3 offers you the chance to really make your mark on a game world. If you help some woodcutters drive off wild boars, the next day you’ll find them happily chopping wood. On a grander scale, you can help the rebels restore the countryside or help the orcs complete their conquest.... I’ve rarely played a game where my actions can have so many benefits and consequences.

The final score is a bit difficult to tally if you're following from home, mostly because the game's best achievements (open-ended gameworld, quest design, choices and consequences) and worst failures (poor performance, instability) all fall under GCM's heading of "Gameplay". But you don't read these things for the scores, do you?

Spotted at: Game Chronicles

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