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RPGDot 2003 awards: Gothic II wins for atmosphere

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RPGDot 2003 awards: Gothic II wins for atmosphere

Editorial - posted by Spazmo on Fri 9 January 2004, 21:17:25

Tags: Gothic II; Piranha Bytes

Today, RPGDot have the award for best atmosphere in a CRPG. The winner is Gothic II, with Knights of the Old Republic and Morrowind: Bloodmoon as runners up.

Every good game has an atmosphere in which the player feels comfortable and in which the player almost can feel that he or she is part of the experience. A game can have stunning graphics or awesome sound, but without a decent atmosphere it won't last very long. And here are the games which are known to give this experience.

The winner: Gothic 2
The howling of a wolf will surely send shudders down your spine... after all, you're alone in the woods, unarmed - and you know that wolves always hunt in packs...

The unique atmosphere which was at the core of what made the first game in the Gothic series so memorable has been brilliantly ported to its second part. Baroque forests, spooky caves, realistic animal behavior, day-and-night cycles, weather effects and haunting sounds combine with unique NPCs and a clever news system to create an immersive and quite unforgettable gaming atmosphere.

Based on the reader's picks thus far, it looks like those three ganes are set to sweep the awards this year.

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