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IGN previews Gothic 3

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IGN previews Gothic 3

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 3 August 2006, 18:35:15

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

IGN has posted a preview of Gothic 3, a game that lately has become a symbol of everything Oblivion was not.

Of particular interest to us is the amount of care Piranha Bytes is taking with developing the storyline past simple fantasy notions of saving the world from a great evil. While Mr. Noname, will push his way into the realm to confront the orc hordes currently occupying and enslaving humanity, players won't have to guide the hero on the obvious path of defeating and destroying the invaders. In fact, choices will be presented that not only supply the chance to help the orcs, but they'll be presented in a way that will make the idea sound like the right and just one. While there are plenty of games offering moral choices, there aren't a lot offering ambiguous ones such as this that could challenge the way players perceive the game world in general. What looks evil at one point may actually look good towards the middle of the game.
Music to my ears.

Among the new stuff features added since the E3 demo were a couple of spells, the most interesting of which was a transformation spell. Once obtained, the spell can be cast to transform the main character into whatever is centered in the view screen whether that be a chicken (the chickens are deadly!) or a troll. The creature can then be used to infiltrate or attack enemy positions. Wading into an enemy camp as a troll should eventually be pretty fun. For now, the newly implemented spell isn't tuned to allow players to attack quite yet.
Well, looks like Piranha Bytes developers are on the right track. Can't wait.

Spotted at: RPG Dot

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