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Risen 2 preview at IGN

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Risen 2 preview at IGN

Preview - posted by Elwro on Sat 22 October 2011, 12:46:36

Tags: Piranha Bytes; Risen 2: Dark Waters

Surprisingly, the guys at IGN found some time to prepare a preview of Risen 2: Dark Waters (with screenshots I haven't seen before). The worrisome bits have already been discussed, so now for some more uplifting passages:


Later, in a sizeable port town where, we see a little more quest variation: sabotaging cannons to blast away a prison wall and free a prisoner for your pirate crew, infiltrating watchtowers, even sending a fully-controllable trained mon[k]ey in through people's open windows to pick locks and loot chests.


Risen 2's world is hand-crafted, which should hopefully give it the same sense of place that Risen 1 was memorable for. There's no procedural generation, no randomly-spawning enemies, no fake doors. Every person in the port town has their own house and their own bed, and they'll get rather upset with you if you try to sleep in it. They have daily routines in which you, too, can take part, taking up a smithing, mining or harvesting job to earn a little extra cash or experience.


Well, if you ask me, if they just manage to keep the style of the first Risen and create a better endgame, this will be one of the best RPG games in years...


Also, for some sanity ("A game about pirates? Without sailing? WTF?"):


"In the beginning, of course we considered it," [Peter Brolly of Piranha Bytes] says. "But then you're thinking of what you can bring to the table that's more than anyone else has done – should it be more accurate? Shoulds it be a sailing simulator? It was all too complicated. We know our limits at Piranha Bytes: we're a core RPG developer. We have people who can write great dialogue, we have great quest-designers, we have open-ended and believable game worlds, but we don't have the expertise to develop a strategy- or tactical naval battle game. 

"It's really important to focus what you're doing. You can try to do everything, but you can't do anything well then. The only people who can do everything right now are people like Rockstar and Bethesda - although I'm pretty sure that Skyrim is not going to be excellent on every level.



Thanks, curry!

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