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Expeditions: Conquistador Preview at XP4T + New Worldmap Video

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Expeditions: Conquistador Preview at XP4T + New Worldmap Video

Preview - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 29 August 2012, 08:44:21

Tags: Expeditions: Conquistador; Kickstarter; Logic Artists

Expeditions: Conquistador, a tactical RPG set in Central America during the Conquista that is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, has received a brief preview and an interview at XP4T. Have a snippet from the preview:

Well, if you want to have the awesome feeling of not being treated like a five year old by game designers once more, Logic Artist’s Expeditions Conquistador might be your game.Heavily story based, but with awesome tactical combat to back it up, Conquistador puts the control back in your hands.

You start out as a Captain for a Spanish exploration crew which just arrived in the New World. Talk about a universe of possibility for a premise. I mean, even before you play the game, with this basic idea you imagine freedom and ability to do anything you want!

Conquistador doesn’t disappoint either. Similar to a choose your own adventure game, each conversation with relevant NPCs gives you an interesting series of answers, each of which might prompt a different response from the interlocutor. You build up relationships, whether in good or bad, from the beginning.

I won’t go in too much details, because the fun part of this game and it’s dialogue system is the suspense. Playing it through the first time, you’re bound to oversee a few things, or answer without thinking of the consequences. And it might not go as well as you thought, but that’s the fun part!​

And one from the interview:

XP4T: How deep will the player’s choices influence the NPCs around the world and the story events?

The player’s choices will influence the game to a huge degree. Entire communities will turn on you or rally to support you, people will live, die, or join your enemies to fight you depending on your decisions. We have loads of systems in place behind the scenes to remember your choices and to remember what happened to whom, and your major decisions will even be able to change things on the world map. The sort of choice-and-consequence you may have seen in Hispaniola is only the tip of the iceberg. In the Aztec campaign, we’ll have many more NPCs that you can recruit into your expedition, we’ll have a whole faction system to keep track of your interactions with the natives, and we’ll have a lot more optional content like side quests and exploration events.​

In related news, Logic Artists also updated their Kickstarter with a 23 min. video showing off the worldmap in its current state and talking about how it will be improved and expanded upon over the coming weeks:

If you like what you see, you can pledge to the game's Kickstarter.

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