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Articles associated with this tag:

22-Feb-2015 2013: The Year in Review
4-Aug-2013 2012: The Year in Review
6-Jun-2013 RPG Codex Review: Expeditions: Conquistador
21-Nov-2012 RPG Codex Interview: Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden 2 (Soon on Kickstarter)
26-Oct-2012 RPG Codex Interview: Antharion, Indie Turn- and Party-based RPG
13-Oct-2012 RPG Codex Interview: Blackspace, Sci-Fi Physics-Based RTS
28-Sep-2012 RPG Codex Interview: Adam Brennecke on Project Eternity
21-Sep-2012 Ensure the Warriors of Diversity will live on in Eternity
24-Aug-2012 Expeditions: Conquistador Interview
16-Jun-2012 RPG Codex Interview: DoubleBear on Dead State
11-Jun-2012 Let's raise $5,000 for Dead State.
29-Apr-2012 RPG Codex Interview: Faster Than Light, Spaceship Simulation Roguelike
25-Apr-2012 RPG Codex Interview: Legends of Eisenwald, Turn Based Strategy/RPG
22-Mar-2012 RPG Codex Wasteland 2 Interview - Part 3: Brian Fargo on Community Feedback
18-Mar-2012 RPG Codex Interview: The Banner Saga, 2D Turn-Based Strategy RPG
14-Mar-2012 Codexian Wasteland 2 Location + Statue Fund-Raising Drive
6-Mar-2012 Wasteland 2 RPG Codex Interview - Part 2: Michael A. Stackpole
26-Feb-2012 Wasteland 2 RPG Codex Interview with Brian Fargo - Part 1
1-Feb-2017 Let's get a giant troll statue into a beautifully desolate adventure game!
5-Jan-2017 Dead State, Wasteland 2, and Torment Statue Raffles
22-May-2014 Kickstarter Round-up: Deadrock Divide, Children of War, Medieval Times, Witchmarsh
30-Apr-2014 Contest: Submit your ideas for Codex content in Serpent in the Staglands!
22-Apr-2014 The bribing of Whalenought is now complete
28-Mar-2014 Serpent in the Staglands, a Darklands inspired RPG with cool pixel art, now on Kickstarter
1-Mar-2014 Subterranea Kickstarter Goes Live
18-Feb-2014 Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Star Citizen To Share Technology
15-Feb-2014 Kickstarter hacked.
21-Dec-2013 Chris Avellone's Tripped Out Russian Interview
3-Dec-2013 Kickstarter: Mansion Lord - A Murder Mystery RPG/Business Sim
30-Nov-2013 Lords of Xulima Kickstarter Fully Funded, Paypal Backing Now Available
14-Nov-2013 Chris Avellone's Presentation at the Montreal International Game Summit
13-Nov-2013 Deathfire Interview at Rock Paper Shotgun
12-Nov-2013 Chris Avellone Roundup: Tom Jubert Interview, Montreal International Game Summit Speech
12-Nov-2013 Get your Wasteland #1 keys here! Short Story Competition
10-Nov-2013 Lords of Xulima Kickstarter Funded, 18 Days to Go
10-Nov-2013 Vault Dweller interviewed about Kickstarter, calls Shadowrun Returns an "awful fucking iPhone game"
30-Oct-2013 Lords of Xulima Launches Kickstarter Campaign
7-Oct-2013 Brian Fargo IGDA 2013 Presentation
5-Sep-2013 Chris Avellone Interview Roundup
30-Aug-2013 Brian Fargo Gamescom Interview Videos
13-Jul-2013 Frontiers Interview at Worlds Factory
30-Jun-2013 Kickstarter Round-up: Liege, Void of Darkness, UnderTale
22-Jun-2013 Chris Avellone and Project Eternity at Rezzed 2013
18-Jun-2013 Kickstarter Round-up: Frontiers, Unrest, Frozen State, Our Darker Purpose
15-May-2013 Brian Fargo interviewed for "Kickstarted" documentary
27-Apr-2013 Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter Closes - All Stretch Goals Met
19-Apr-2013 Help us bring down RPGwatch.com in Divinity: Original Sin
13-Apr-2013 Let's put a Codexian item / NPC into Divinity: Original Sin
13-Apr-2013 Kickstarter Drama: Conquistador, Shadowrun and Eisenwald
27-Mar-2013 Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter Campaign Begins + Hands-on Preview at RPGWatch
20-Mar-2013 The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death, Turn- and Party-based RPG - Kickstarter Now Live
20-Mar-2013 Torment News Roundup: Brian Fargo interview, First Castoff statuette, Mark Morgan music
18-Mar-2013 "A lot of faith, and a good head for risk": How two men risked their livelihoods for a new Torment
6-Mar-2013 "What can change the nature of a game?" - Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter is LIVE
4-Mar-2013 Announcing: Matt Barton's Kickstarter Project!
2-Mar-2013 Lord British Kickstarter coming up - "Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues"
28-Feb-2013 Tentative Torment Kickstarter Tiers Announced
18-Feb-2013 Delver's Drop, 2D Action RPG on Kickstarter
16-Feb-2013 Feargus talks about Project Eternity and Kickstarter (and not South Park) at Rock Paper Shotgun
16-Feb-2013 Enemy, a "Tactical Roguelike" Now on Kickstarter
4-Jan-2013 Kickstarter Roundup: Akaneiro, Dreadline, Radio the Universe, and Tunnels & Trolls
5-Dec-2012 Telepath Tactics Alpha Demo Available
28-Nov-2012 Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden 2 Kickstarter Launched
18-Nov-2012 Solenttar Canceled, New Kickstarter for Engine and Toolset Launched
1-Nov-2012 RPG Kickstarter Round-up: Sui Generis and Solenttar
22-Oct-2012 AAIMIE, "Tron Meets Grimrock" RPG on Kickstarter
22-Oct-2012 Ars Magica CRPG Kickstarter Update: Spells and Magic
20-Oct-2012 Ars Magica CRPG Kickstarter from Creators of Academagia
19-Oct-2012 Tom and Brenda's Shaker: Lore Update
17-Oct-2012 Miserable Success! + P:E closes with $3.9M raised
15-Oct-2012 Project Eternity Kickstarter Update #23: Documentary, and More
10-Oct-2012 Old School RPG Kickstarter Update: Name and Gameplay
6-Oct-2012 Important Dead State Stuff
4-Oct-2012 New Codex Eternity Rewards: In-game Presence, Chris Avellone Trolls and Signatures
3-Oct-2012 Tom Hall and Brenda Brathwaite Kickstart Turn-based Oldschool CRPG
1-Oct-2012 Codex: Eternity - What you get for your $$$
25-Sep-2012 Betrayal at Krondor Sequel Petition by Neal Hallford
21-Sep-2012 Chris Avellone To Draw Personal Trolls for Most Generous Codex Fundraiser Backers
21-Sep-2012 New Project Eternity Interviews: Feargus Urquhart and Chris Avellone
19-Sep-2012 Publisher Exploiting An Obsidian Kickstarter
19-Sep-2012 Sword of Fargoal 2: Sequel to 1982 C64 Roguelike Kickstarted
14-Sep-2012 Obsidian Reveals 'Project Eternity' - Kickstarter Live
3-Sep-2012 Expeditions: Conquistador Previews at RPGWatch and RPS
29-Aug-2012 Expeditions: Conquistador Preview at XP4T + New Worldmap Video
20-Aug-2012 Chris Avellone on Doing Planescape: Torment Successor
4-Aug-2012 Expeditions: Conquistador, Turn-based Tactical RPG Now on Kickstarter
25-Jul-2012 No retailers, no publishers. Fargo: "This, to me, is the future"
10-Jul-2012 Paper Sorcerer: First-person turn-based RPG
30-Jun-2012 Jack Houston and the Necronauts wants money
8-Jun-2012 Dead State Kickstarter: 50% Reached, First Stretch Goal Announced
6-Jun-2012 Cult: Awakening of the Old Ones, Open-World Procedurally Generated RPG, Kickstarter Now Live
29-May-2012 Dead State Design Update + Interview with Brian Mitsoda
29-May-2012 Gamestar.ru Chris Avellone Interview
25-May-2012 The rising success of KickStarter
24-May-2012 Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox Kickstarter Funded, 16 Days To Go
18-May-2012 "I've never felt more pressure in my life": Brian Fargo Interviewed by Edge Online
18-May-2012 Grim Dawn Kickstarter: Two-Handed Melee Weapons Are In, 17 Hours To Go
17-May-2012 Why we chose Unity for Wasteland 2 (+Linux Support)
11-May-2012 Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox Now on Kickstarter
26-Apr-2012 Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter Update #10: Campaign breaks $1.5mil
18-Apr-2012 Chris Avellone Interview at The Critical Bit
17-Apr-2012 Grim Dawn Kickstarter Now Live
17-Apr-2012 Wasteland 2 Tops $3 Million in Funding! Mod Tools Are In!
15-Apr-2012 Chris Avellone To Write Wasteland 2 Novella for $30 Kickstarter Tier
11-Apr-2012 Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Update #11: On Being Party-Based + New Video
11-Apr-2012 VG24/7 Brian Fargo Interview
7-Apr-2012 Wasteland 2 News: Kickstarter Update, Ranger Concept Art, and Michael Stackpole on Wasteland
7-Apr-2012 RockPaperShotgun Wasteland 2 Interview with Chris Avellone
2-Apr-2012 Gamebanshee Wasteland 2 Interview with Chris Avellone
26-Mar-2012 Brian Fargo on Going Social (and Being Socially Unacceptable)
19-Mar-2012 Dead State, DoubleBear's Zombie RPG, To Go Kickstarter
17-Mar-2012 Wasteland 2 Interview with Brian Fargo at Gamebanshee
13-Mar-2012 Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Now Live!
13-Mar-2012 Wasteland 2: RockPaperShotgun Brian Fargo Interview; Kickstarter To Go Live Tomorrow
22-Feb-2012 MCA On Wasteland 2 And Kickstarter

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