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Chris Avellone To Draw Personal Trolls for Most Generous Codex Fundraiser Backers

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Chris Avellone To Draw Personal Trolls for Most Generous Codex Fundraiser Backers

Community - posted by Crooked Bee on Fri 21 September 2012, 23:46:01

Tags: Chris Avellone; Kickstarter; Pillars of Eternity

As you probably know (and can see on our front page), we have an RPG Codex fundraiser for the Project Eternity Kickstarter currently ongoing, to get on that $5000 community tier. (Our beloved admin will only update the donation counter once in a couple of days, so I've no idea how much we've collected so far.)

So in case you happen to be affluent enough to have a few hundred bucks to contribute to the Codex' eternal glory (and thereby to Obsidian's Kickstarter effort as well -- even if we don't reach the goal, all funds collected will go to Kickstarter), but are still on the fence and might need some further incentive to do so, I'm happy to inform you that, in a proud Codexian tradition, Obsidian's Chris Avellone has kindly agreed to draw personal troll avatars/pictures (to use on the Codex boards and show off to friends and strangers alike) for those who donate at least $250 to the cause. You'll get to request the design and everything. Look at my avatar for an example.

If you wanted to but couldn't get on board this initiative back when we did the Wasteland 2 fundraiser, now you can do it.

!! Only donations made via the above button count towards the fundraiser !!
!! You must donate at least $250 to be eligible for a personal troll !!

To those who are worried about the in-game reference being too silly: don't worry, we'll sort it out. We'll stage a contest for that anyway, I'm sure. Plus Obsidian wouldn't let our band of adventurers stick out too much in a bad way.

Have fun and support the Codex and Obsidian's Kickstarter.

P.S. And DU's trolling you, you know. (DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion that may not coincide with that of the administration.)

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