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Enemy, a "Tactical Roguelike" Now on Kickstarter

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Enemy, a "Tactical Roguelike" Now on Kickstarter

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Sat 16 February 2013, 14:23:02

Tags: Enemy; Kickstarter; Roguelike

Tom Johnson writes in to inform us about the Kickstarter campaign he has launched for his retro "tactical roguelike" called Enemy. From what I have gathered, it's basically retro game characters + X-COM-like combat:

  • Characters, items, and environments are an eclectic mashup of many classic games
  • Everything is procedurally generated, including the storyline and final boss
  • Detailed turn-based combat system, inspired by the 1994 classic, X-Com
  • Realistic physics simulation allows for a rich variety of tactical options
  • Permanent death ensures that combat is always tense

Although the world you're in is strange, combat is highly detailed and feels real. Enemy has a turn based combat system inspired by the 1994 classic, X-Com. You'll devise strategies based around the unique set of abilities you've chosen for your team, and then execute them step-by-step, all while responding to counter-moves made by the enemy team. The game handles visibility realistically, ensuring that you see only what your characters see, so that you never know what might be lurking around the next corner. It models the stress of battle on your heroes, who can flee, freeze up, or panic if things start to go too wrong. You'll have to make tough decisions and sometimes sacrifice important teammates.

Everything in the game is destructible. If you damage the supports of a building in the middle of a fight, the whole structure can come crashing down on you. Inadvertently starting a small fire in the wrong place can lead to being caught in the middle of a massive inferno. Combat is dynamic and easily spirals out of control. Finally, Enemy is a roguelike, and therefore features permanent death of characters. There is no reloading: if one of your heroes dies, they are never coming back. Combat always has a lot riding on it, and it is always tense.​

Watch the video here. It has some gameplay footage.

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