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Jack Houston and the Necronauts wants money

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Jack Houston and the Necronauts wants money

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 30 June 2012, 15:43:48

Tags: Adventure Codex; Jack Houston and the Necronauts; Kickstarter

Yes, it's yet another KickStarter but the video was really kind of cool. Or at least the concept art was - which on reflection I'm not certain if it's actually their concept art or just stuff they pinched from somewhere. If it's the former, awesome! If it's the latter, than meh.

It's a point and click sci-fi adventure game set on a pulp fiction version of Planet Venus. How cool is that? The guys making it do some indie crap in the film world. Also the video drops too many names of people we don't care about in the fashion of " The music is being done by Bob Smith, who totally did the music at our high school production! And it was awesome!". Anyway, here's the vid:

Jack Houston and the Necronauts is a pulp sci-fi inspired adventure game where you portray Captain Jack Houston on his deadliest mission: to man the first rocket to explore a savage, alien world!

Jack’s adventure takes place not far from home, on our neighboring planet of Venus. But this isn’t the lifeless planet we know today, this Venus is a sweltering vine jungle teaming with strange beasts of horn, tooth and claw. This is the Venus imagined by science fiction authors and artists in the first half of the century.​

At 4:54 I wasn't thinking about rewards. I was thinking: Tell me about the fucking game, you fucking fucktards. If that interested you though, the KickStarter is over here, where you can see some more of that awesome concept art.

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