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Solenttar Canceled, New Kickstarter for Engine and Toolset Launched

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Solenttar Canceled, New Kickstarter for Engine and Toolset Launched

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Sun 18 November 2012, 10:37:56

Tags: Bree Arts; IceBlink Engine; Kickstarter; Solenttar

You may remember Solenttar, a Kickstarter by an accomplished NWN modder for an oldschool top-down turn-based RPG toolset and engine plus the first adventure module developed in that engine, which we posted about earlier. Unfortunately, as you can see from its Kickstarter page, Solenttar was pretty far away from making its humble $4,000 goal and was canceled by the developer.

However, it has now been relaunched with an even humbler funding goal of $500 - and a more limited scope: now it's only about the engine + toolset + a short demo adventure module, not a full-fledged module. The engine will be free after release, but the toolset will cost $5 - which is also the minimum pledge:

IceBlink is a story, party and turn-based computer RPG Engine and Toolset. Easily create your own adventures to share with anyone.

IceBlink Engine Overview

This project will develop a Role Playing Game (RPG) 2D engine and toolset as well as a demo adventure game module created with the toolset. The game is inspired by a few of my favorite games; The Bard’s Tale, SSI Gold Box series games, Baldur’s Gate, and Neverwinter Nights (1 and 2). The intent is to create a game engine that results in a virtual table top, Pen and Paper type feel in a single player computer game. The game engine will be free once completed, but the toolset will initially only be available to backers of this Kickstarter project. The toolset will allow anyone to create their own adventures to share with the rest of us. Please help us complete this wonderful project. We really appreciate any support you have to offer. Thanks again!


After the project ends, will the IceBlink game engine and toolset be free to anyone?

I have received a few questions about the future cost of the game engine and the toolset for non-backers of this kickstarter project. Our intention is to have the game engine be free, but the toolset cost $5. So in the future, for those who did not get a chance to participate in the backing of this kickstarter project, they can still purchase the toolset for $5. When you make your adventure using the toolset, you will be able to distribute your adventure and the game engine to anyone for free to play, but the toolset must not be shared.​

If you like the idea of having a new toolset to develop top-down turn-based RPGs with, be sure to give the Kickstarter page a look.

UPD: As Infinitron correctly points out, the $500 goal has already been reached - but there are also stretch goals to meet (including the more fleshed out adventure module). So do consider pledging if you like what you see.

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Pierre Begue wants money for his sequel.

TARGET: $5,000 USD

RAISED: $1,074.05 USD (21%)

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