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Dead State Design Update + Interview with Brian Mitsoda

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Dead State Design Update + Interview with Brian Mitsoda

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 29 May 2012, 10:05:14

Tags: Brian Mitsoda; Dead State; DoubleBear Productions; Kickstarter

DoubleBear's Brian Mitsoda has put up a new update for zombie survival RPG Dead State, which serves mainly as a teaser for their upcoming Kickstarter...

We're gearing up to launch our Kickstarter very soon - I'll post a message on the board when we go live.

You can expect:

-An incredible trailer
-A Kickstarter video with new footage of the game (and me on camera, which is always terrifying)
-A look at our rewards that you helped shape
-Lots of updates and new press

Just a few more days without sleep and we'll be ready to go.​

...as well as done a short interview with PC Powerplay, focusing on Kickstarter and crowdfunding:

With Dead State at its current state in the development cycle, what would be most beneficial for you as developers from a successful Kickstarter campaign?

For us, it allows a lot of the team to quit their day jobs and dedicate all of their time to Dead State, which as you might imagine, gets the game done a lot faster. It also allows us to expand the team and bring on either long-time contributors or staff positions that are difficult to fill without full-time funding. And as I said, it rallies a lot of old and new fans around the project and channels that energy and enthusiasm into the momentum of the project.

Do you have plans for alternative funding if the Kickstarter campaign is unsuccessful?

We do. I mean there are always other solutions like allowing for pre-orders, but having a definite budget to work from and schedule around is more preferable. One of the reasons we’re using Kickstarter is to get the game out faster – it’s better for the project and the community that we’ve already organized around the game.​

The full interview can be found here.

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